Credit: Rune Dietz

The below tables provide PDF access to both our meeting proceedings and various PBSG reports, including workshops and reports from negotiations leading up to the Agreement on the Conservation of Polar Bears.

PBSG Meeting Proceedings

Meeting NumberDateVenueDownload
6th - 10th September 1965Fairbanks, AlaskaDownload Proceedings as PDF
129th - 31st January 1968Morges, SwitzerlandUnavailable
22nd - 4th February 1970Morges, SwitzerlandDownload Proceedings as PDF
37th - 10th February 1972Morges, SwitzerlandDownload Proceedings as PDF
4August 1972Banff, CanadaUnavailable
53rd - 5th December 1974St-Prex, SwitzerlandDownload Proceedings as PDF
67th - 10th December 1976Morges, SwitzerlandDownload Proceedings as PDF
730th January - 1st February 1979Copenhagen, DenmarkDownload Proceedings as PDF
815th - 19th January 1981Oslo, NorwayDownload Proceedings as PDF
99th - 11th August 1985Edmonton, CanadaDownload Proceedings as PDF
1025th - 29th October 1988Sochi, USSRDownload Proceedings as PDF
1125th - 27th January 1993Copenhagen, DenmarkDownload Proceedings as PDF
123rd - 7th February 1997Oslo, NorwayDownload Proceedings as PDF
1323rd - 28th June 2001Nuuk, GreenlandDownload Proceedings as PDF
1420th - 24th June 2005Seattle, USADownload Proceedings as PDF
1529th June - 3rd July 2009Copenhagen, DenmarkDownload Proceedings as PDF
1624th - 27th October 2012Oslo, NorwayUnavailable
179th - 13th June 2014Fort Collins, USAUnavailable
187th June - 11th June 2016Anchorage, USADownload Proceedings as PDF
198th – 10th June 2021VirtualUnavailable

PBSG Reports

Conference to Prepare an Agreement on the Conservation of Polar Bears1973Oslo, NorwayDownload Report as PDF
Proceedings of the Technical Workshop of the IUCN Polar Bear Specialists Group16th - 18th February 1983Arizona, USADownload Report as PDF